Anna’s Kombucha Cafe – Slow Cooker Meal Prep Workshop

Meals we are prepping: I sent you the grocery list. All you need to do is shop for the ingredients and bring them to the workshop!

Slow Cooker Barbecue Pulled Chicken

Slow Cooker Taco Chicken

Slow Cooker Sesame Ginger Beef

Slow Cooker Black Bean, Quinoa, Sweet Potato Soup

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Meal Prep Workshop. Learn how to prep meals ahead of time. You will have a prep station with the utensils you need to prep 5 recipes in less than two hours and take everything home for ready to cook meals. I am here to help and provide tips and tricks along the way to ensure each recipe is a success.

Here is why you will LOVE my workshop. You don’t have to do the menu planning. I take care of all of that for you! Whether you are new to meal planning and want someone to take care of the details, or maybe you are a veteran menu planner that’s also short on time due to a busy schedule, my meal prep workshops are the answer! All you need to do is shop from the grocery list and bring it to the workshop.

Easy instructions! I provide the shopping list for you, and at the workshop you receive the recipes to make the meals. You go as fast as you want to — The goal for every participant is to be done in two hours or less.

I take care of all CLEAN UP, GARBAGE & RECYCLING (yes, FOR REAL). How often is it that you prepare a meal and someone else does the clean up?

Materials are provided. I will provide a cutting board, knife, measuring spoons, and other helpful gadgets! I am here to make sure your experience is easy and enjoyable.

You can spend more time with your family! When your meals are prepped and ready to go, you will be swapping chopping time for family time! Seriously, you will probably be wondering, how did I do it all before?

Less eating out. While I love dining out it can be a burden on your waistline and wallet. When you are prepped and ready with meals, there will be no excuse to call for that delivery.

You make it fit your family. Each meal feeds about 4 to 6 people. You can adjust to your family’s size and portion the meals appropriately.

Food, nutrition & cooking tips. As a food blogger and wellness coach, I love to share tips to help you feed yourself and family. And I provide instructions on how to cook the meals too along with servings suggestions.


Nov 10 2019


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Anna's Kombucha Cafe
615 Lake Street, Gary, IN 46403
Rebecca Rosati


Rebecca Rosati
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